• Enjoy the charming ambience
    In heart of Dubrovnik Old town
  • Enjoy the charming ambience
    In heart of Dubrovnik Old town
  • Enjoy the charming ambience
    In heart of Dubrovnik Old town
  • Enjoy the charming ambience
    In heart of Dubrovnik Old town


Fine dining in the romantic ambiance - Convent of St. Claire

Restaurant Klarisa is located in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik, near the Great Onofrio Fountain, in the former monastery of St. Claire which dates back to the 13th century.

Chef Stjepo Cvjetković

with his team of sous-chefs use only local ingredients and offer the best fish, meat and vegetarian dishes which represent Mediterranean cuisine.
We are proud of our regular supply of fresh seafood catch from trawlers and the green market in Gruž.

The ultimate experience of enjoying the seafood specialties is guaranteed by daily fresh Adriatic fish and various seafood (clams, crabs).

All the ingredients we use come from the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, except only the meat which is purchased from farms in Slavonia (western Croatia). The fruit and vegetables we use comes from eco-farm located in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, in Konavle.
From the dessert list Chef Stjepo Cvjetković recommends a traditional dessert from Dubrovnik region; Carob Cake.


Eexcellent seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes which
represent Mediterranean cuisine.

Chef restaurant Klarisa, Stjepo Cvjetković was born in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, on the beautiful island of Šipan. He grew up with the local fishermen, savouring always the odour of a grilled and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. In his long career he has worked at the Hotel Lafodija on Lopud island, at the Hotel Božica on the Šipan island and five-star restaurants in Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles). He further advanced his knowledge and skills while he traveled the world working as a chef on cruise ships. Curious by nature, he had the opportunity to become acquainted with all the greatest world's cuisines.

Chef Stjepo Cvjetković: "Of course, my culinary philosophy is based on the legacy of our ancestors which I am very proud of. With these premium ingredients that are available to us daily, our healthy, light Mediterranean cuisine is at its best. I strive to follow culinary trends and continually educate myself further, thinking and planning about how to do something new and different, how to combine simple ingredients and thereby create a new flavor.


Terrace by the Great Onofrio Fountain

Our light lunch meals and dinner dishes are perfect if you fancy a healthy quick snack.


Restaurant Klarisa can be converted into a conference center too.

On our disposal we have large autrium and large dining rooms so various table settings are possible.

You can choose from a rich selection of sumptuous and diverse menus, and as always our award-winning culinary team will gladly customize a menu to suit your wishes and requirements. Naturally the menu presents different proposals for fish and meat specialities. We also offer a choice of sushi, vegetarian, gluten free food. This is an articulate offer that can satisfy the most articulate demands.



Restaurant Klarisa is located in the very heart of Dubrovnik's Old City,
in the former Convent of St. Claire.

Passing through Pile Gate one steps on one of the most beautiful streets in the world; Stradun street. Restaurant Klarisa is on the right side, behind the Great Onofrio's Fountain.

History; Convent of St. Claire

One of the best known among eight convents at the time, Convent of St. Claire was the place where mainly the girls of noble birth were ordained. Franciscan sisters were named Klarisas. It was built during the 13th and 14th century, when a great care was taken in order to ensure the virtuous life of the nuns, yet the following centuries witnessed major restorations.

The convent housed a shelter for abandoned children already in the 13th century, whereas in 1432 the city authorities established here one of the oldest orphanages in Europe. The Orphanage building with an inscription in Latin language above the door and the window where the children used to be left can still be seen in the nearby Zlatarićeva Street.

In May 1806, when the Napoleon's army entered Dubrovnik, all convents were closed, and the Convent of St. Claire was turned into a stable and an ammunition warehouse. Later in history the Convent of St. Claire served various purposes. After World War II, a restaurant called "Jadran" was opened within the convent, which was later renamed "Libertas", nowadays named "Klarisa". In one part of the former convent, the offices of Dubrovnik Diocese are located.

In the atrium of the ancient Convent of St. Claire, on an exceptional location, the restaurant Klarisa offers unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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