Eat good & feel good

Eat good & feel good

Nothing brings people together like good food. True that! But we would add to this quote also a place where you will enjoy the peaceful and charming atmosphere. You are welcome at Klarisa. Our fine dining specialities are served at a location with rich and interesting history.

Eat good
Local specialities, daily fresh seafood, as meat and vegetables will represent best of Mediterranean cuisine. A variety of flavours and a great selection of wine will provide you unique experience. There are some dishes you shouldn’t miss. Check it here.

Feel good
No matter if you decide for lunch or dinner you will enjoy the atmosphere on the spacious terrace surrounded by arches, trees of cheesewood and wild oranges. Feeling like you are in Dubrovnik, but far away from the buzz. And, there is one more reason for feel good – make an online reservation and get 5% discount.

Stay in touch because we are preparing special events at restaurant Klarisa.

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