Mediterranean delicacies

Excellent seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes



If you want to experience a true Dubrovnik Mediterranean cuisine, and you’re looking for a dish, so characteristic that you won’t be able to taste it anywhere else in the world but here, make sure you try our specialty – Turbot fillet in paper bag baked in oven with fresh vegetables.

Did you know that back in the days of Dubrovnik Republic this fish in particular was so valued that its catch signified the raising of a white flag on board as a sign to other fishermen that the catch was successful and that the working day was over. So now when you know this, you definitely have something to brag about to your friends back home.

For dessert, don’t miss out on our chef’s favourite delight of Dubrovnik region

– The traditional Almond and bitter orange cake.

dubrovnik restaurant mediterranean dishes
restaurant dubrovnik mediterranean cuisine


Fresh and delicious seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes that represents the best of Mediterranean cuisine.

Our culinary philosophy is based on the legacy of our ancestors,  which we’re very proud of. With these premium ingredients that we’re blessed with, our healthy, light Mediterranean cuisine is at its best. We strive to follow culinary trends and continually educate ourselves, always thinking and planning ahead, striving to do something different by bringing together the simple ingredients and creating a new flavour.