Why Klarisa is right place for you?

Dubrovnik is the place for lovers, lovers of art, of history, of remarkable beauty. And loves go through the stomach, so Dubrovnik is the place for all those who love good food.

With a fascinating history, after being the first orphanage in Dubrovnik, our place today is the restaurant with one of the most beautiful terraces in The Old Town of Dubrovnik. Why is it so
special? It’s in the heart of the city, but away from crowds.

The place is built in 13th century as one of eight women monastery in Dubrovnik, it has beautiful architecture and today is on of the most beautiful sites. With the arrival of the French in 1806, all monasteries for women in Dubrovnik were closed, and the well-known Klarisas(the monastery of St. Klara), which was turned into a stable and an ammunition warehouse.

For decades this place is a restaurant. Today it is fine dining restaurant that serve Mediterranean specialist with the touch of tradition and elements of modernity.

And you are welcome!

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